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The Art of Growing Up

The Art of Growing Up

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The Millennial School, Dubai

The “Art of Living” Round Square Conference was a collaboration on mental and emotional health and wellbeing. It included themes ranging from attitude to gratitude. Workshops addressing topics such as emotional intelligence and finding meaning and purpose were also conducted by the school.

The conference had several Barraza groups for students to interact in.

The Barraza groups witnessed a discussion over varied realms of attitudes that a person showcases in varied situations. The students engaged in interactive ice breaker sessions, composing poetry, designed flyers, and even went into fruitful debates. Towards the culmination, the students accomplished their objective and unanimously agreed on the fact that a positive attitude should be possessed by all, and everyone should be optimistic.

In the latter half, the students participated in the Wellness Workshop of “Time Management“, which was an insightful and enriching session.

With enlightening and intuitive discourses from Keynote Speakers such as Mr. Gaurav Kapur, the conference ended, leaving a positive impact on the students.

Student participants were:

Vedant Bagla 8-A
Samarth Agarwal 9-B
Inya Dwivedi 9-B
Nandini Puri 9-A
Ahana Agnihotri 9-B

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