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The teachers of Primary and Middle School attended an invigorating workshop ‘ The 5 Competency Skills Of the 21st Century’. This was conducted with the aim of churning out leaders who will be able to cope effectively with the paradigm shift in the education scenario. To sum up the 5 day workshop, we’ll have to bifurcate it into segments conducted each day.

DAY – 1

  • The day began at 9:30 a.m with an introduction game that led to the screening of a short movie-‘ Education then and now’.
  • We pondered overthe changes likely to happen in the next 15 yearsin the economical, educational, technological, environmental and vocational fields.
  • An eye opener was presented before us, which depicted the development of a child’s brain in the initial 6 years and how the present education system is destroying the neurons which make little one critical thinkers.
  • We were categorically told to be committed and dedicated to our work.
  • Peer learning was highlighted by ‘THINK, PAIR AND SHARE’ and ‘LEARNING BY DOING’ .Emphasis was laid on peer learning, equal opportunity to all the students, practical learning, exploration and learning from mistakes.
  • A video enlightened us to use multiple strategies for teaching –learning process.
  • Post lunch session highlighted ‘Active learning’with its subskills.
  • We ended the session with games inclusive of strategies involved.
  • All in all it was an enriching session.

DAY – 2

  • Before beginning the session, ground rules were laid and they were to be followed strictly, which gave us an idea that similar rules have to be set in the class as well.
  • Collaborative Learning Strategies were given for Primary Classes with lots of examples, videos and activities.
  • Active Listening procedure was described.
  • Techniques of Conflict Resolution were stated with ‘I’ technique.
  • ‘PIGS FACE’ was described as means of learning.
  • We were told to use terms like – summerize, paraphrase and rephrase.
  • For re- cap, small group strategies were defined.
  • Post lunch session talked about Effective Communication, its importance and how it takes place.
  • We revised- verbal and non- verbal communication, STAR method of active listening, Competency Chart and Rubrics of 2 Cs – Collaboration & Communication.

DAY – 3

  • The day began with warm up activities.
  • Critical Thinking –Definitions, reasons and fundamentals were given.
  • Sub skills of critical thinking were reviewed with examples
  • A gallery walk on posters was made on sub skills
  • Jigsaw strategy was explained.
  • Need to encourage creativity was emphasised upon.
  • Difference between jugaad and creativity was highlighted.
  • The day wrapped up with rubrics on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

DAY – 4

  • We were told to have a valuable tip for ourselves every day, as a take away.
  • SEL Competencieswere defined.
  • Character traits for the 21st century learners wereexplained.
  • We read Process Based Approaches and deliberated on them.
  • We noted down takeaways from the workshop.
  • Blooms Taxanomy in its verb form ie doing words was reflected upon.
  • Finally ‘Rubrics’ were taken up.
  • Our home assignment was to format a lesson plan keeping in mind the 5 Competency skills.

DAY – 5

  • Began with a re- cap.
  • The lesson plan was scrutinised to assess the inclusion of 5 Competency skills.
  • Remarks and criteria for Students’ assessment was framed.
  • We understood Comprehension skills and ‘I’ factor in communication.
  • Action Plan was designed on – What the leaders attending the workshop know and how they will impart this knowledge in the workshop for their team mates.
  • It ended with an activity and clicking of memorable pictures.

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