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A deeply rooted dream of every parent of today’s millennial is synonymous with his growing up independently, confidently and properly.

My firsthand experience as a parent to not one but three such young adults, has helped me concoct my own recipe to this near impossible task.

  • Primarily, motivating the child to develop a hobby helps him to explore his innate creative talent and to spend some quality ‘me-time’ on his own, developing the feeling of independence.
  • Encouraging children by ‘do on your own’ phrase helps them to be self-dependent.Here one should keep in mind that we as parents are not looking for perfection but desiring the completion of a task independently.
  • Praise and appreciation go a long way in shaping up a confident and independent child, who is happily shaping up into an exemplary individual.
  • Another tip that sure shot helps in building up the confidence and independence ofyour young protégée is, you creating and identifying opportunities for him, which you are sure that he will avail of successfully. Not only will this be good parenting but will also build a strong bond between the two of you.
  • At the end of the day,remembering that you are more mature of the two…you and your child,your making time for him will surely boost the confidence quotient for him. You as a back-up can sure beat the blues any day.
  • Giving responsibilities to your child,making him accountable for small things will add to the confidence. Remember,with responsibility comes maturity and with maturity comes confidence and independence.
  • Trust;is another factor that accelerates confidence and independence in a child. Let him always know that no matter what,his parents are agreeable to his ideas,visions and goals. Being independent he can always depend on you.
  • “Dream your dreams, because they are the tiny seeds from which tomorrows grow”. An independent child is a child who is allowed to carve his own niche. He is free to take decisions and live by the consequences….with you always there as Plan B.
  • A child begins to see himself capable, confident and independent when you let him interact with you on simple house hold issues-be it financial or general. Make him say his say, make him feel important. After all he is a unique individual who should be allowed to have his own identity.
  • We can also promote independence in children by making them sensitive to their surrounding and the people around them. Let them develop their sense of duty towards guests, grand-parents, helpers etc. Let them be accountable of their actions. Do not shield them or camouflage their shortcomings.

Being an Indian parent, I cannot but resist saying in the end, that in the voyage of life,children, without parental guidance and support, are like rudderless ships, hence in pursuit of making them independent…let’s not create untamed and directionless individuals.

Nidhi Karun Mehrotra.

Parent of Master Jyotirmay Karun Mehrotra

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