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A virtual symposium was organized under the banner of Round Square by the Doon School on the theme ‘SUSTAINABILITY’.
5 students of the Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vedanta Bagla, Anirudh Saraf, Arav Gupta, Sarthak Srivastav and Raafey Qureshi participated in this event. This conference brought together around 100 students.
The students were divided into groups for discussions in Barraza sessions, on various questions pertaining to Climate Change, Global Warming, Mental Health. They also discussed about the impact of New Virtual Mode of Education on children during the Pandemic. The discussions were very interactive and intriguing. The ice breaking sessions were followed by discussions on Climate Change and how the Pandemic has changed lives 360° in every sphere. The discussion on how we could reduce the greenhouse gases was enriching.
Learning outcomes:
It was an experience which required reflection and self-introspection as we learned a lot from the conference.
It was a great way of improving our public speaking skills.
The students debated and discussed on varied perspectives on Climate Change
Hands-on activities helped in picking out many out of the box ideas to solve these problems.
Host School: Doon School, India
Date: 25th August, 2021
Venue: Zoom
Rs Rep and Mentor Teacher: Vidhupriya Rastogi
Teacher: Monica Dhingra


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