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Study Tour of EVA & EVS Students

Study Tour of EVA & EVS Students

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EVS and EVA students of class IX, X & XI visited Chandra Shekhar Azad University (CSA University) on 15th October, 2018 along with Mrs. Sudha Singh and Mrs. M. Bhattacharya.

It was an informative experience for the students and teachers too. They had an opportunity to observe the following:-

  1. Horticultural Nursery which includes three types of houses according to the seasons (Poly House, Green House & Glass House)
  2. Different varieties of trees like Lichi, Mango, Arjun, Amla and Turmeric plants.
  3. A fair which comprised –
  • Home Science Department, which included the materials made out of wastes like diyas and friendship bands.
  • Seri culture unit – silkworm feeding on different types of leaves producing mulberry silk and munga.
  • They also visited the stalls of
  1. Pumping machine
  2. Eco friendly toilets and septic tanks
  3. Solar panels
  4. Soil science department
  5. Seed technology department

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