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The activity ‘Spin A Yarn’ was conducted by the students of Classes IV and V on 5th July 2019.

It was an Inter House Competition among the four sections where the students were given an introductory line and they had to weave a story in continuation to the given sentence.

It was a fun filled activity where a few students were selected house wise to fabricate a story and showcase their creative skills.

The judges for the event were Ms. Mamta Sharma and Ms. Shiney Hastings.

The results for Category A (Class IV

Mahanadi /Godavari- I

Tapti / Narmada- II

Yamuna / Ganga- III

Cauvery/ Krishna- IV

The results for Category B (Class V)

Cauvery/ Krishna- I

Yamuna / Ganga- II

Tapti / Narmada-III

Mahanadi /Godavari- IV

To sum up, it was an enriching experience, where students learnt to speak up their thoughts.

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