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With every passing second, Technology is getting advanced. Smartphones are one of the paramount inventions of the 21st century. They are an inevitable part of our lives. They play a significant role in our lives.
Be it reading the newspaper in the morning, buying groceries, shopping for birthdays, gifting someone, purchasing for festivals, smartphones have revolutionized our lives.
Every work of ours is now confined to mobiles. It’s just as if “The world is in our pocket”.
I still remember my childhood. My father worked abroad. I used to wait for the whole year to see him. But now distance is no longer a problem. We can see and have live conversations with the people living in any corner of the world.
These smartphones which we carry have made the world much smaller. With some websites or networking sites, we can connect to anyone living on this planet or outside the planet too perhaps.
If you remember, earlier when we wanted to visit any unknown place, we used to stop at places asking vendors, shopkeepers about the route. With the advancement in technology, now we have navigation applications. All we need to do is to set our destination in the app and it will detect our current location and will provide us with all possible routes to our destination.
We are in a marvelous era of mobile technology, and it is positively exciting to watch it unfold what it brings next.

When I googled the meaning of the word Tech it gave me a page full of the meaning of the word Tech. I looked for a few and got confused. So, by learning and exploring few meaning I got my own new meaning that Tech stands for

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