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Service in Action Symposium

Service in Action Symposium

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On May 6th, 2021 ‘Service in action Symposium was held virtually, in this conference the keynote speaker was Mr. Sujit Mahapatra, founder of a non-profit foundation, Bakul Foundation. He instilled in us the need for service as he spoke of his personal experiences. He also brought home the need for service in action. He gave ideas and suggestions as to how we could contribute as much or as little to society as a whole.

After the question-and-answer round with Mr. Sujit Mahapatra, the students were divided into baraza groups. In the baraza session, each school was to present a 3-minute presentation on future planning or Acts of Service in Action. Our school presentation was among the most praised in the baraza’s. After the Baraza session, one of the schools’ presentations was to be selected to be presented in the main meeting. After deliberating for a long time, a student of our school, Ashlesha Misra presented the presentation made by our school in the main meeting.

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