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DATE: 16.5.2020
Organised by : Nehru Science Centre, National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture,Govt. of India, Mumbai
Resource Person : Mr. Umesh Kumar Rustagi Scientist

An online workshop for the students of Class IX was organized by Nehru Science Center, Mumbai. It was hosted by Biology Department on 16 th May 2020.About 140 students and all Science teachers actively participated in demonstrations.It was a very lively and enriching session , comprising various activities performed by the resource person with proper explanations.Mr. Rustagi demonstrated and explained Scientific concepts behind a number of activities which are performed by us knowingly or unknowingly without knowing the mechanisms responsible for the same. It was thrilling for the students to exercise these practices. In the question answer session ,the queries of students were answered.

Some interesting demonstrations were as follows:

  1. To find the blind spot of our own body (that is even helpful while driving.)
  2. Knuckle cracking ,and once it is done, why can’t it be done again immediately after?
  3. Either the left or right eye dominates (which helps the shooter to use right or left hand for shooting.)
  4. The disappearing figure. (the reason behind illusion)
  5. Reason behind wearing a ring in the ring figure.
  6. A demonstration where the resource person folded his middle finger and placed the tip of his fingers and palm on the surface(tendons join the muscles at the joint and all are independent, so he could not lift his ring figure.)
  7. He made the students blow on the back of their palm with o-shaped mouth and asked them to do it again by inhaling (to find the reason for heat radiation and sensitiveness).

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