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RS Postcard – India Warp and Weft in Weaves – Mayo College, Ajmer, India

RS Postcard – India Warp and Weft in Weaves – Mayo College, Ajmer, India

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Host School: Mayo College, Ajmer, India
Date: 19th January ‘22
Venue: Zoom
Teacher: Ms. Monica Dhingra

An online event – Zoom Around the world Postcard was organised under the banner of Round Square by Mayo College, Ajmer, IndiaWarp, and Weft in Weaves’, focusing on Textile and Clothing of India and the World.

Six of our students, Rida Tandon (8D), Ishanvi Seth (8D), Gauri Bhalla (8D), Sia Kapoor (8D), Rakshita Dhingra (7A), and Riddhima Khanna (7A) participated in this event. They prepared a collage depicting the traditional clothing of different parts of India.

 Schools from all over the world came together to discuss about different types of textile clothing and introduce their own traditional clothing. The session started with a presentation on textile clothing along with an expert talking about organic clothing as need of the hour. There was a questionnaire session where we could also ask our doubts and express our views.

Then the different schools all over the world described their traditional clothing through their presentations. The session was then divided into several breakout rooms where different students starting interacting on various textile-related topics and shared their experiences in the pandemic period.

Overall, it was a great initiative that let us down loose ourselves from the worries and problems that we faced in lockdown, and open up to several others, making the session extremely fun. It was a great experience and everyone had the time of their lives.

It was indeed a very interesting, engaging, and involving interaction. Students could empathize on the problems and opportunities in furls of textile. Details about threads and weaves. Students learned a lot after interacting with students worldwide and carried with them a few good memories.

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