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Round Square – Representation of its LOGO from a different perspective

Round Square – Representation of its LOGO from a different perspective

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“Oh you’re non-veg” said a friend when they saw the badge with the Round Square logo on my blazer. When I was asked to write my own representation on the Round Square, I thought it’ll be fun, I will try to be as creative as possible Yet when I actually sat to write, I really wasn’t able to form an apt and justified representation. So, here I go with my try, be kind:) Round Square might sound a very vague statement because obviously, Round and Square are just two different words, certainly not colliding with each other. The urban dictionary says ”to create a round square would defy the laws of physics, psychology, space, time etc” Maybe that’s because we students, at Round Square conferences defy all laws and bring together something that wouldn’t come together under a normal scenario. The real meaning and history behind the Round Square will definitely be available on the web. I won’t talk about it. I’m pretty sure my representation does not match the correct one but again, my representation of it would say what I think it is. Twenty students with different ideologies and opinions from schools, all over the world sit in one baraza room- interact, debate and discuss mind boggling topics and finally come under one common roof. Sounds unlikely? Well, so does the Round Square.

~Diksha Trivedi

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