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Round Square “Leaders for Future” Conference

Round Square “Leaders for Future” Conference

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This conference was organised by the reputed Chadwick International School in South Korea on April 8, 2021. Participants from ages 16 to 18 from all over the world joined this online seminar. This discussion gave the participants a chance to reflect upon what it is that the world needs from its future leaders and how they can learn from and build on past experiences to attain their goals. The keynote presentation explained in depth how skills are the currency of today’s world and how vital our ability to adapt to changes is. In the Barrazza discussions, the participants found themselves analysing the need for a flexible leader who has situational awareness but also focuses on cross-functional collaboration. One of the key highlights during this discussion was the argument that the digital divide had been exacerbated due to the pandemic which helped the participants realise the importance of investing in the healthcare and education sectors. Another gripping point that was raised was about having a consensus within that is something yet to be inculcated in the political discourse by the policymakers. In addition to the formal program content, the host school demonstrated why South Korea is known as the “nation of amusement”, we were also fortunate enough to witness a live K-pop performance. In the end, the head of the institution addressed the gathering with his captivating and thought-provoking words. The platform was a diverse and liberal one where all opinions were respected and differences were cleared through reasonable and peaceful debates.

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