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Pandemic: An Opportunity to Explore

Pandemic: An Opportunity to Explore

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The world of education has undergone a sea change, a complete metamorphosis during these crucial and unprecedented times owing to Coronavirus…….a pandemic that brought the whole world to a standstill during its initial phase.

With the onset of this new phase of life, being locked down within the safety of our homes – restricted and repressive, we had fears of our lives, families, and the future of our forthcoming generations. The system which had been supposedly rigid, marks-centric, and a bit orthodox in its manner, has met a revolution! Though this revolution has been sudden, unseen, and unwelcome by a few, it has irrigated the fertile minds of the teacher and the taught.

Interest’ is the brick stone of the new set up. No more science class based on the diagrams given in the books and maths classes are now fun and more progressive with a ten-minute quiz. With lectures turning into short videos and animations, students are enjoying their lessons and more focused than they used to be in the classrooms.

The ones who still debate about its efficacy, do think for a while. Children are saving on the commutation time, they are getting time to indulge in some of their favorite activities and they are aiming more at learning than mugging. Wasn’t this knowledge-oriented learning needed? In order to levy education as no burden but the real fun, virtual learning has proved effective.

Learning at this time has fortunately encountered a new definition both for learners and educators. From making videos, presentations, using apps to online competitions, educators have already updated and mastered their relevant skills. People around the world are utilizing their time by going through relevant courses and upgrading their skills.

Living in the 21st century, skills have become an important requisite. We want our children to be skilled, to be powerful when they speak or share perspectives, to be the bodies of knowledge, and not mere members of a system who just appear to settle somewhere tomorrow. We want leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are ready to restructure the world, but for that, it’s important that the restructuring begins at school.

While we all want this pandemic to end soon, technology will always play an important role in learning.

Mr. Saurabh Dang

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