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Leading & Managing Change

Leading & Managing Change

Most projects, events, and organizations had been following the traditional way of leadership and team management. The paths were set and followed by every emerging new leader. While this process was simple, clear, and effective, it didn’t really allow a person to grow, learn and improve on his leadership skills. Thus, the real potential of the leader or the team wasn’t expressed greatly.

But then due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the whole world came to a halt. The situation possessed an enormous challenge for leaders across the world, and student leadership was not an exception.

But as it’s said, Real Leaders Are Forged in Crisis, we had to answer back fast. We had to look for a solution to manage the events, plans but most importantly our team. The new online policies had a drastic impact on the relationship between the students. New ways had to be established for collaboration and effective communication.

We had to use a range of communication approaches to ensure that all those impacted by the change feel informed and involved in the process

We had to reduce control and encourage trust. We needed to establish the relationship between the students that aimed towards sustaining trust, morale, and commitment to building a productive and secure team environment.

It was required to identify and be responsive to the impact of change, loss, and uncertainty while still ensuring progress in the desired direction. Empathy and Psychological empowerment had to be promoted. The Open-mindedness and well-being of the workers were to be taken into consideration. The work system had to be revolutionized. But above all, during these uncertain times, as leaders, being strong, calm, and trustworthy was more vital than ever.

In brief, this suggests that the organizational leadership during the pandemic needs to have trustworthiness, good communication skills, empathy, willingness to help organizational members, inspiring and motivating others, ability to handle change, and ethics.

Aarush Roy
Associate Head Boy

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