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Leadership : The Art of Empowering Others

Leadership : The Art of Empowering Others

Empowerment and leadership are realms which intersect and propel progress together. To have one without another is not even remotely possible.

Empowerment is a crucial ingredient to successful leadership. Real leadership, by using the skill of empowerment, can be the ultimate tool for being successful. It means guiding others toward a deep level of achievement. It is not just a targeted outcome on a per-project basis, but a deeper involvement where everyone feels like their contribution makes the overall outcome possible. As a student, it means having all peers and juniors involved in learning something and growing, performing at the highest level possible, on the journey towards success and sustainability.

It is a means to include the entire team in decision making, to give them a participatory role that capitalizes on their own expertise and judgment, and that increases their sense of both individual worth and commitment to the institution. It also demonstrates that you have good listening skills and that you care about the input of all the members of your team.

When you empower your team, you motivate them to “row together“, and you increase the overall success of your mission. Empowering builds confidence in the individual capacity of the team members to execute the collective mission and goals and establishes essential trust, and creates the secondary level of leadership necessary when you are not present for key decisions so that the institution, the legacy, and the mission continues.

All of us have been empowered at some point in our leadership development by enlightened senior leaders who saw our potential to lead at their level. They gave us the opportunity to take on a major responsibility, underwrote our mistakes, guided us, promoted us, and continued to develop us to take their place in time. And we remember the trust and confidence almost all of us were given in our early years from seniors, leaders, and teachers who saw our potential and gave us the power and opportunity to fulfill that promise.

Empowerment creates a healthy, positive, and ultimately successful institution, one in which there is ownership of the vision and trust in the leadership.

These skills, thereby, create an environment that is conducive to higher satisfaction for the team members which can be correlated to increased productivity in an organisation. And only with a more productive environment can we make a change and turn visions, dreamt together, to reality.

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