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Junior Science Exhibition – 01 February 2020

Junior Science Exhibition – 01 February 2020

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Science Exhibition for juniors was a time to showcase the learning outcome of activities done by them throughout the year. This exhibition was put up to encourage the students towards exciting field of science and make them analyze and understand the concepts in a play-way method.

The following projects were presented by the students Class V: (The concepts and Underlying Principles are mentioned along with the description of the Projects).


Fan car is a four wheel moving structure which runs with the help of a fan. A toy motor connected to a 9 Volt battery is a key component in the car. A fan is attached to the motor. When the motor is switched on, the fan starts moving and generates air pressure. The car starts moving forward when the fan generates air pressure.


For a child to see a magnet in action is an amazing experience. To make a magnet is even more thrilling. An electromagnet was presented by students of Class V in the exhibition. It is made of copper wire wrapped around an iron piece. When a battery is connected to the two ends of the copper wire, the iron pieces spread around get attracted to the electromagnet.


An invention of the famous scientist named Pascal; calculator was demonstrated by the students. For some it might just be another calculator, but the students who made it, felt elated. The experience as a user and that of a maker is very different and it was evident when the students explained the making process, components used and working of the calculator.


Energy stick is a simple way of explaining the conduction of electricity through human body. Made of battery, wires and Aluminum foil, this project is fun for students to learn simple connections in a circuit.


As the name suggests, this project is based on energy from the Sun. A solar panel is used to provide electricity to a toy motor, which in turn makes the fan rotate. When the solar panel is placed directly under the sun, it generates electricity, and that makes the motor rotate.


It was yet another project based on green energy i.e. solar energy. A solar panel is used to charge a mobile phone. The students got to learn the working of a phone charger and simple electronic circuits.


Several kites just hanging in the air through a thread can be a joyful sight to even an adult. The concept behind flying kites is hidden around in the center, and that is magnets. It was fun for the visitors and a wonderful way to learn the properties of magnets.


Save water, save environment and save things for future, should be the ideal training given to the young minds, as they are the ones who would be using those resources in the future. The project based on Rain Water Harvesting can be the seed to a young mind to realize the importance of natural resources, such as, water. In the process, students learn various steps involved in the rain water harvesting and the structure required to save water.


Kids love pets. A pet, like a dog is even better because it secures the house as well, by raising the barking alarm. The Security Dog was a pet made by students, which started barking when anything came in front of it. The creativity in designing the dog structure and making it bark is worth appreciating. The key element is the use of sensor,which makes everything work.


A tower like structure made out of straw was to demonstrate the strength of the structures. The students presented the idea behind various components of simple structures.


Straw bridge was a project to showcase the strength of a bridge, made out of weak element such a straw. Students presented the key components of the bridge and the technique to make it stronger. It was a demonstration of making a simple structure.

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