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Comfest 2018International School Award
Comfest’ 19 Live

Comfest’ 19 Live

Four days of elation when emotions and intellect come alive,
Four days of endeavour where only the worthy will thrive.
Hearing the crowd raving “JCC”,
Makes you believe in the vision we see.
Of course, you are bewitched by the magic we add every year,
Get ready to be flabbergasted as the phenomenon comes near.
The effort it takes, the memories it gives,
The event ends but the legacy lives.
Fill your heart with zest,
For you’ll experience imagination at its best.
A year ago when we bid adieu,
We left a box full of memories for you.
Stirring the emotions in your heart,
Virtual or real, you won’t be able to tell apart.
This October, we return to remind you that memories fade away, but feelings never do. 
We give to you the brainchild of a team who has been successful in raising the bar yet again. 
We give to you, in all its magnanimity, the latest edition of the largest student organized event in the country- Comfest 2019!



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