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Comfest 2018 International School Award
Farewell to Class XII (2018)

Goodbyes are hard, especially when it is your own family that you’re bidding adieu. 

The word combusts with a million different emotions attached to it. Nostalgia, emptiness, sadness…. The pain of parting and the glimmer of hope that unfailingly comes with the suspense of the future. 

Raising a hearty toast to the same, the pupils of grade 11 threw a grand Farewell Party to their seniors on the completion of their twelve years of association with the school.  

Keeping in line with the theme of the day, the school adorned a vintage avatar, complete with a photo booth donning a vintage bicycle. Retro music laced the air along with a certain sense of excitement and reminiscence. 

The boys- gentlemen now- looked ravishing in their sharp tuxedos and the ladies of Jaipuria dolled up themselves in splendid, vibrant sarees. 

The event began with a series of dances prepared and performed by the students of class 11. All of them were charged with electricity and left us swaying to the music and tapping our feet. The students also prepared a hilarious skit that recreated moments spent in class and was an absolute crowd-pleaser. The titles followed, where 25 students from class 12 were bestowed with different titles, each suiting their individual traits and personalities. The hall resonated with rounds of applause as student after student approached the stage to collect his or her sash and rose.

A pleasant surprise for all was the informal Investiture Ceremony for the top four office-bearers, which marked the coming of age of both those signing off and those signing in. The cultural programme ended with an emotionally surcharged video that left all in tears. 

This was followed by a sumptuous lunch featuring the best of dishes. Accompanied by a photo session, all laughed and shared memories as they feasted on the elaborate menu. All left with full stomachs and a heart welled up with memories and smiles- and also perhaps with an ever-looming giddiness for their approaching ISC examinations. 

We sincerely want all our graduating students to know that no matter where they go or who they become, every road they take will always lead them home. They’ll always find a home in Jaipuria School- a family to return to and a place to seek refuge in.

We truly hope that the class of 2018 thoroughly enjoyed its last day in the school-all are sure to shine bright where ever the future takes them.  
They’re mighty Jaipurians after all- they’re meant to glimmer.

Once a Jaipurian, always a mighty mighty Jaipurian.

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Kanpur

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