In today’s world managing time is a complicated task because people are not able to utilize their time efficiently and waste their time on destructive things such as video games, spending hours on social media etc. One shall realize the significance of time and must measure the value of every minute and second.

Therefore, if people will not learn to make their task their priority they would lack punctuality and will leave the work for the next day.

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

All the above can be considered to be the skills of effective time management. Let us move to the real topic of discussion. The above was important to have been discussed prior to the actual discussion due to the fact that I disclose all that I personally had in my mind and at the same time to bring forth the matters of discussion in sequence.

The major themes arising from literature on time management include the following:

  • PLANNING YOUR TASKS- This process results in a plan with a task list, schedule or calendar of activities.

  • SETTING THE TIME LIMIT FOR A PARTICULAR TASK- We should set a specific time limit for a given task and divide it into parts.

  • THE PROCESS OF REDUCTION OF TIME SPENT ON NON-PRIORITIES- Time management also covers how to eliminate tasks that are not valuable to the individual or organization.

  • IMPLEMENTATION OF GOALS- A task list also called a to-do list is a list of tasks to be completed. Task lists are used in self-management, business management, project management, and software development. For this, we can make some charts and reminders which will serve as a supplement.


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