The Ultimate Price Of Prejudice

The Ultimate Price Of Prejudice

The Ultimate Price Of Prejudice

“Every tiny molecule of ash is in motion with my heart, I am such a lunatic that I am free even in jail.”

These words are testament to the nerve-wrecking times when India was fettered to the manacles of slavery and when families were ripped apart by the venomous blade of prejudice.

Going back in time is a blood-curdling thought, but also an opportunity to serve my motherland. I would recognize people’s cries muffled by gunshots and bombshells.

I would show the leaders what grief shall accompany the creation of Pakistan, what injustice would escort the sorrowful segregation when uncountable households would be broken by the mass exodus across the border and that the only way to forestall the riots between Hindus and Muslims was to free them of their own binding discriminatory thoughts and inoculate them further destruction. I would assert that:

United we stand, divided we fall.’

Pranjali Tripathi   9-A

Vedika Narad   9-C


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