Philosopher Frobel has been an advocate of the Play Way Method.

As the very name suggests Play Way Method is an activity-based method. It makes learning fun. The child learns, unlearn and relearns on his own.

The key points of Play Way Method are: –

  • It enhances the emotional quotient as well as the creative skills.
  • The child is the centre and learning is the periphery.
  • Learning is an adventure and there is no fear of mistakes.
  • Learning is faster and retention is better in play way method.
  • It focuses on child centric classrooms.
  • Imagination is at its best in play way method.
  • Children develop self-confidence and engage completely in new learning experiences and environment.
  • It gives a conducive environment to the students to express their feelings.
  • Age appropriate play way techniques are incorporated for the holistic development of the child.

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