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Comfest 2018 International School Award

Was partition inevitable? Could its thirst for blood be slaked by some other means?

From the time when the British sabotaged our unity by as undering Bengal to the time when Nehru and Jinnah’s thirst for the throne led to the formation of Pakistan,India has suffered a lot.

So many lives were lost,so many accommodations were ravaged and yet,all the pusillanimous leaders could think about was their omnipotence.

What if we could travel back in the pages of history? All that was needed at that point of time was the clarion call of the common people against the conspiracies of Nehru and Jinnah to attain the throne.All my endeavors would be in filling the gaps between the two religions that had been created due to the partition of Bengal.

“The cacophonies of pique Indians against these political conspiracies can be heard.”

Vanshika Agarwal-9D

Diksha Trivedi -9D

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