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In life, walking the often chosen path is considered necessary for stability.Disregarding the ancient aisle through this dense forest of highs and lows and attempting to contrive an individual, unique path is assumed as ruthlessness. In this voyage of life, many a times we are advised to transfigure ourselves into traditional prodigies- following the age-old norms, only to become members of the general segment of the crowd. To stand out, desiring progress and not stability is undeniably important. Similarly, in the Round Square logo, one can see that the text is deviated towards the right, not following the convention.

The square is a geometric figure which comprises four equal sides. Ralph Tyler, an esteemed educator once laid four principles for a progressive life- setting objectives, learning from experiences, organising instruction, and evaluating progress. The sides of this square can be signified as these four principles. This shape depicts the significance of giving equal importance to different phases or ideals of life. To be moulded with perfection into an unwavering lifestyle, we need to enclose these four principles into our lives’ squares.

Success in life is swayed by the uniqueness of dreams. For triumph in this journey, one needs to dream infinitely. The circle of the logo is symbolic of totality and the infinite. It is a true depiction of ‘what goes, comes back’. By glancing at the circle, one needs to understand that after reaching the high mountain top of success, if one voices happy words, the echo reciprocates the same. Therefore, we should perform good deeds and refrain from unpleasant chores for receiving the same.

In totality, for me this logo is an inspiration for maneuvering out of the box. It gives me the courage to take a path which is neither traditional nor conventional and still be able to reach dizzy heights in my life.

-Anika Chib (X-C)

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