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International Dance Day (2022-23)

International Dance Day (2022-23)

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Dance to express not to impress.

Dance is an art form that helps in expressing the emotions of life and relaxes the mind, body, and soul. International Dance Day was celebrated by our little Jaipurians with great zeal and fervour on April 29th. The aim was to inculcate interest, love, and respect among the students for all dance forms. Solo dance performances were held on this day. The children spoke about the various forms of dances and how they enhance one’s personality. It was indeed delightful to witness the budding dancers perform so gracefully & confidently. The show mesmerized the audience and gathered huge applause.

A hush fell as soon as the movie screen lit up, followed by a collective “Ooh”.

Field trips give children various experiences away from their regular school environment.

Keeping this in mind, as a part of a recreational trip on 28th August 2018 the students of  Pre-Primary were taken to Z square, Inox for a special screening of the movie “Incredible 2”.

The objective behind this was not only to refresh the kids but also to entertain them. The kids had lots of fun and they thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

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