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Indian Version to Design Thinking or Rather an ‘Inspiration- Jugaad’

Indian Version to Design Thinking or Rather an ‘Inspiration- Jugaad’

‘Jugaad’, the word may seem old fashioned, ancient or massy to many but it’s an inspiration to the new Word trending – Design Thinking. It is inbuilt in every Indian.

What is ‘Jugaad’? Each problem has a possible way out, and whatever we do to solve that problem temporarily is ‘Jugaad’. It’s a quick fix or a troubleshoot to a problem. We, for all these years have been carelessly creative, and that thinking just needed a defined structure. This structured creativity is called Design Thinking.

Its (Jugaad) prime focus is on fixing of a problem to create a usable and an effective experience but which could possibly lead to product innovation in the times to come. And this is where Design thinking takes charge; to convert it into a sustainable,long-termproduct. To bring peace, let’s say Jugaad and Design Thinking had a merger. 

It can be seen anywhere to everywhere provided, we see it from the eyes of creativity.

What can you imagine or see in these images?

What I see is a ship with a mast sailing in the rough waters.





I see a beautiful deer galloping over the clouds.

We, as humans have trained our brain to do the regular, day in and day out. we have forgotten to be creative in order to meet our deadlines. That instinct only comes out in times of exigency.

For the last two years we have seen a lot of disturbances due to pandemic and lockdown: schools, colleges, shops and malls, almost everything came to a halt. As time passed, we found solutions and our lives gradually became normal. We learnt new things, new technologies, new pedagogies….we kept learning in the entire process.

  1. An example of design thinking is the used bottles, cans, tyres etc. used for planting and landscaping on the sides of the roads. This is a need of the hour to maintain the ecological balance and this, my friends, is Design Thinking.

Waste used bottle as planters and sprinklers.

  1. Without realising what it is or rather glorifying it with a swanky name, our grandmothers taught us Design Thinking. We used old tooth brush to clean things, old clothes as dusters, old pillow covers as saree wrappers. This is Proto type Design Thinking.

Using waste / unfiltered RO water to water plants or wash hands using old plastic bottles or cans

  1. We buy Diyas in Diwali for celebration, but instead ,we can use half a lemon or orange with its pulp scooped out and use that as a floating Diya. We can also decorate it with some flowers. It also soothes our mind and soul. Its saves money, time and keeps us safe too.

Meenakshi Rastogi

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