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15th of August was marked by a grand celebration on the occasion of Independence Day and Varsha Mangal. The function started with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Brig. Rahul BhatnagarCommandantCODKanpur, and Lt. Col. Rahul Sharma. The much awaited unfurling of the national Flag followed, filling the entire atmosphere with exhilaration and a feeling of strong patriotism. Soon the National Anthem was sung by one and all, in reverence to our nation.

Getting on with the function, the Chief Guest was warmly and formally welcomed by our Principal, Mrs. Shikha Banerjee. This was followed by a pulsating round of Inter house March past competition in which all the 4 houses participated in order of Godavari/MahanadiNarmada/TaptiGanga/Yamuna and Krishna/Cauvery.

This was followed by a zealous and vivacious display of drills by the senior students, which is an integral part of our daily school regime and lays stress and importance on the aspect of fitness in today’s world.

Pari Raheja of Class XI made a fervent speech in English and it was followed by a few patriotic songs sung by the school choir and the audience sat mesmerized through the entire performance. This was followed by an equally inspiring and captivating speech in Hindi delivered by Khili Gupta.

A Hoverboard show left one and all spellbound. This was something new for the audience and the appreciation was evident in the applause that followed.

The Independence Day Celebration was clubbed with another much awaited event of our school, Varsha Mangal Utsav, which meant double happiness with extra round of fun and festivities. Students participated in group dances and left no stone unturned in an effort to please the rain gods.

Our Headmistress Ma’am, Mrs. Madhushree Bhaumik presented the Vote of Thanks and the event culminated with the national song, Vande Mataram followed by a tree plantation by the Chief Guest.

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