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Importance of social studies in life

Importance of social studies in life

Often pitted against the sciences, the humanities and sciences go hand-in-hand in understanding the world around us.

If the humanities are so crucial, why are they so undervalued?  Because it’s hard to put a value on how we process the human experience—it’s hard to determine your career trajectory with a humanities degree.  The humanities are difficult to quantify, which is precisely why they’re more important than ever.

Everything has a history. Trees have a history, music has a history, bridges have a history, political fights have a history, and mathematical equations have a history. In fact, everything has a history. Learning about those histories can help us gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and the historical forces that connect us and continue to influence how we interact with each other and the environment.

If you think about the humanities as the study of what makes us human, that includes not only our history but our values and how we choose to live.

How are we to understand how to make choices moving forward if we choose to ignore the choices of the past and present?

Put simply, how does technology appeal to people?  It appeals to people by having tech designers understand humans—and to understand humans requires, you guessed it, a deep knowledge of the humanities.

How we like to look at art.  How we like to envision ourselves.  How we like to envision others.

Think about Steve Jobs—his focus was on the integration of the humanities with technology to make better products.  The end results?  You use some form of them every day.  His most useful university course- Calligraphy.  Why?  He liked the way he could invoke a feeling with the appearance of a word.  See all those cool fonts on your smartphone?  That’s why they’re there.

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Clinical psychologists

Civil law

Cyber law

International human rights

Intelligence specialist


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