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“Education is not about filling a bucket but lighting a fire”

This age old adage stands true to Education today. Education 4.0 is all about creating trained and qualified professionals who are ready for a highly globalized and digital driven world of work. So, if this is the demand of the future, we need to churn out products who are the workforce of tomorrow. Aligning academics, co-curricular and extra curricular and blending it with globalization is a challenge, which we have carried forward gracefully. We at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur promote students who show inclination towards this revolution and try to make them the change agents.

Over to Mehul-

LaunchX is a highly selective high school entrepreneurship cum startup camp organized by Laurie Stach, an alumnus from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School.

I came to know about this program due to my college research. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get in, but I filled in the rigorous application with grit and determination. Fortunately, I was selected for the interview and eventually invited to attend the month-long program. I was excited and elevated to be there.



I met people from all across the globe. The program had 87 students from 40 different countries, with only three students from India. I was amazed by the persity and talent of the cohort. We had ice breaker sessions and socials to know and understand each other. My team had three other people, from China, Canada, and Brazil each. During the first week, we were taught about identifying problems. There were investment simulations, problem-solving sessions, ideation and brainstorming sessions. The skill set of the cohort had already amazed me and had pushed me out of my comfort zone.


Each day was a different experience in itself, the guest speakers and the entrepreneur panel never failed to galvanize me. The guest speakers were serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and professors from Kellog and Harvard. One of the entrepreneurs who truly inspired me was a drop out from Wharton. He is currently working to build a new social networking platform (Facebook of the new era) and has already received one billion dollars in investment. He is just 21 years old and worked for Snapchat and Beats when he was 17. I cannot elaborate more upon all the stories but I consider myself fortunate enough to meet these giants.Our startup was in the final stages of ideation and iteration, and we had to develop the product from the next week.


The cohort was extremely versatile. There was something to learn from every person. We had hardware enthusiasts, coders, and people doing strategy and finance. I cannot explain in words about the talent of the peer group. We had classes on product development and user testing. Since our company was incubated at Launch, we had access to all the resources at Northwestern. We could explore and take help from anywhere- the school of engineering, accelerator programs, etc. We could order anything at night and would receive it the next day.

My company’s name is “My Salutem”. We have made a health wearable that tracks down the ECG of the elderly 24/7 and sends customs notifications and alerts to friends and family through a mobile application. Our target market is the people living away from their parents. Our application even notifies the nearby hospital in case of acute cases. We also extracted some technology from China and got it shipped, and were able to build the product by the end of the third week.

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The last week was all about practicing pitches, user testing, and gaining traction for the demo day. We were successfully able to pitch to the panel on the last day, and are now eligible for a $1000 investment to get an FDA clearance for our product.

I could taste a variety of cuisines because of the perse cohort. The best part of the program was the people I met there; each person was extremely talented in some way or the other. I made some life long friends. The connections that I made were enormous. I am self-assured that every person at the camp will be extremely influential in the days to come. Eventually, anywhere you go, anything you do, it’s only about the people you meet and the connections you make. I am proud to be a member of such a selective community and an alumni Launchee.

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