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Geography Pointers at your Disposal

Geography Pointers at your Disposal

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At a time where we have to rely on virtual interaction to learn better, here are a few tips that can help you stay ahead of your game.

Let’s start with Revision –

One chapter a day.

Repeat once you complete the cycle.

Don’t forget to refer to the questions shared by your subject teacher.

It’s at your disposal to make your work easier.

Did I tell you about the importance of a highlighter? Keep it handy to emphasize on keywords across your answers.

Now that you’re set to ace your exams, learn from the experience of your seniors.

Glance through the question bank. They are a summarised version of 10 years of instances where you’re likely to make mistakes, and Pupil’s analysis will surely be of great help. The objective is to help you score more by working smart.

From topography to maps, practice drawing the maps and learning the landscape. Remember: Bullet points and concise answers with the right keywords, can help you ace your exams.

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