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Our school participated in “GEMS All India Literature Festival 2020,” which was held from 19th to 30th December 2020. The theme of the festival was, ‘Living in the Age of Misinformation.’ An array of events had been designed for the festival, to help students discuss, debate, rethink, listen and enunciate their own thoughts, emotions and ideas through creative slam poetry, limericks, enactments, blurbs, story-telling, dramatics and other art-integrated textual expressions. The fest witnessed a surge of confidence, creativity, communication and critical thinking while exploring nuances of literature and language.

The festival commenced with an Inaugural Ceremony on 19th December 2020. The nine day fest witnessed the participation of various prominent authors, educators and veteran writers like the honourable, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Ms. Dipanvita Sehgal, Ms. Deepa Agarwal, Ms. Kiran Manral, Dr. Ranu Uniyal, Dr. Tanushree Singh, Ms. Shraddha Pandey, Mr. Ketan Bhagat and Mr. Pranav Singh. They spared some of their valuable time to engage with children during this festival of reading, thinking, discussion and articulation. It was a proud moment for the Mighty Jaipurians when our students were one of the top 5 finalists in total 7 categories.

Our school also received the overall Championship Trophy during the Valedictory Ceremony on 30th December 2020.

The names of the winners and the events are as follows:

RolePlay Tiaa Kapoor Class 3
Elocution Arib Ziaur Rehman Class 6
Rakshita Dhingra Class 6
Compare & Contrast Nandini Puri Class 8
Suyash Tripathi Class 8
Puppetry Akshansh Bagla & Vedant Bagla Class 5 & 7
Blurb Writing Vedant Bagla Class 7
Slam Poetry Ananya Parasrampuria Class 11
Nukkad Natak Aniquah Aher Class 9
Shreyas Goenka Class 8
Anvesha Dixit Class 8
Vaani Dixit Class 8
Priyansh Roongta Class 8
Pari Agarwal Class 8

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