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eSAITED – A Round Square Event – 2021

eSAITED – A Round Square Event – 2021

Host School: SAI International, India
Date:  11 Sept.‘21

Venue: Zoom
Teacher : Ms. Monica Dhingra

Our school participated in eSAITED -SAI International Technology festival organized by Round Square School SAI International Odisha .It was held on  11th September 2021, with the theme ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ wherein more than 40 schools around the globe participated.

The events had preliminary rounds where the students had to submit the videos of respective events. After the screening, the final round was on 11 September. The e-Saited Science and Technology festival was an informative and stimulating conclave where the students participated in different activities and workshops about science and technology like ‘Virtual Reality”,” Neurosciences”, ”Light years away”  and many more.

12 students of our school participated in this day long engrossing event,Kushagra Jain ,Vansh Agarwal,Kuresh Maheshwari,Shreyas Goenka,Nandini Puri,Sarthak Srivastava,Arav Gupta,Sarvagya Tripathi,Yuvraj Shukla,Kushagra Puri,Varnika Agarwal,Aarna Gupta,Shaurya Agarwal.

eCertificate of participation was given to all our members and their participation was well appreciated.

After competing with hundreds of children , the following students brought laurels to our school by winning in various events:

Arav Gupta 8A  : THIRD Prize  in TECH FAIR
Varnika Agarwal 6C: CONSOLATION in TECH FAIR
Sarthak Srivastava 8A: CONSOLATION in MATHAMZE

It was an enriching experience for all ,which helped them enhance their knowledge ,polish their skills and give them vision of future technologies.It showed them how to formulate ideas into reality virtually,gave better understanding of mechanism of the human brain and exposure to many new skills and concepts.

Thanks and Regards
Monica Dhingra

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