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Empowering People with Artificial Intelligence

Empowering People with Artificial Intelligence

Our intelligence is what makes us humans, and AI is an extension of that quality– Professor Yann Le Cum, New York University

In my opinion, a conglomeration of Human Intelligence and Technology in Artificial Intelligence.

From facilitating simple tasks to taking over entire industries, here are a few ways AI impacts our lives.



In today’s world navigation has become such an easy and convenient task. Google maps help us reaching places easily, guiding with distance, route, and time required to reach our destination.



Facial recognition is used in apps like LucidPix, Snapchat, Facebook to name a few.

LucidPix uses facial recognition to detect a user’s face for the “3D Face” feature, which allows users to capture and convert their selfies to 3D photos, apply filters.

Snapchat uses A.I. to recognize users’ faces and apply face filters to users’ photos.

In Facebook, facial recognition is used to identify faces in photos and invite users to tag themselves or their Facebook friends.


In today’s world travelling with security is a major concern and Rideshare App is a great solution to it. Before starting our journey, we get a rough idea of fare, and time to be taken to reach the destination. AI also gives us the details of vehicle and driver

Smart Assistants

In my opinion, the most popular use of A.I. found nowadays at homes is in the form of digital smart assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Spam Filters

One of the most important features of our inbox, the spam filter is regulated by a set of rules that help keep your inbox risk-free. Over time, spam filters continuously learn from various signals, ranging from an email’s metadata to specific words or phrases in an email, and filter out 99.9% of spam through the use of its machine learning algorithms.




If you’ve ever finished binging a TV show on Netflix, you’ve probably noticed how Netflix immediately displays the next show/ continuation of your series. YouTube is another platform that recommends a series of videos you might like and other platforms like Instagram, Shopping sites, etc. 


The most talked-about nowadays, Self-driving and parking cars, also known as autonomous vehicles, use machine learning to recognize the space around a vehicle in order to drive a passenger without them ever having to take control of the vehicle.



Economic and Social Changes

AI address socially relevant problems such as homelessness. At Stanford, researchers are using AI to analyze satellite images to identify which areas have the highest poverty levels.

In Schools, we predict to use AI and change the teaching methods after capturing the emotions/expressions of students and analyzing their understanding/behaviour.

The ways in which AI can be implemented in different industries are left only to one’s imagination, but there is one thing that is for sure, which is:

“The future would be an exciting time to live in with Artificial Intelligence!”.

Written by
Mrs. Monica Dhingra

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