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ECLAT 2018

ECLAT 2018

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The school participated in ECLAT’18 organized by Sheiling House School, Kanpur at McRobert Grounds on 18th and 19th November, 2018.The following students brought laurels TO the school.

  1. Anika Chib   —   VIII  C    —    Ist Prize in Poet’s Corner.
  2. Pranav Malpani   —   VIII B  and  Agam Bhasin   —   VIII  A   —   Ist Prize in Project Aristotle.
  1. Satvik Agarwal   —   VII  C   —   Ist Runner Up in Animatus.
  2. Agam Bhasin   —   VIII  A   —   2nd Runner Up in Console Crash.








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