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Dramatics Workshop

Dramatics Workshop

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What is drama? Where did it originate from? What does drama mean? All these questions were answered when a renowned dramatist, Neeraj Hastings known for his skills and great personality took time out of his busy schedule to conduct a two day workshop in our school. Starting off with a game to build up our confidence and trust in our friends and colleagues, students were segregated into groups of 5 and one student was to swing in the between them like a pendulum, just as motionless and emotionless as them, while the friends had to catch them and swing them onto the next side. Having built our confidence he introduced us to the origin of Drama in India where the first drama writer was Bharat muni and the first male actor was  Lord Natraj and the first female actor was Maa Parvati, while the greatest tragedy to be ever written in the world was ‘ King Erebus’. He slowly but surely pulled us into the amazing world of drama. Different games were played in between the sessions to keep the audiences’ interest as well as to develop their acting skills which were not only fun but innovative as well. In the end there was a question and answer round where students cleared all their doubts and queries. He left us with a kindling flame of passion for drama and inspired in us all to see and also take part in dramas. We are quite thankful that the school gave us an opportunity to meet such a great personality.



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