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Dancita – Dance Workshop

Dancita – Dance Workshop

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Dance is the hidden language of the soul!

I am Rakshita Dhingra of Class 7-A. During the summer vacation, 2021, I conducted a “Free Online Dance Workshop- DANCITA” for young children, from the age group: 7-11 years.
This workshop brought happiness to the children during these tough times of Covid’19 as they excitedly danced with me. They were eager to learn a beautiful art form that kept them engaged and enthralled. It was a good way to keep them physically fit, happy and was a way to channelize their dynamic energy.

The workshop consisted of dance challenges, exercises and body stretching, along with learning an original choreography on a song. It was a power-packed session, filled with Zealand creativity where learning happened in an enjoyable manner.

The workshop helped me improve my time-managing skills, spontaneity and had also built up my confidence. It enhanced my decision-making skills and polished my creativity too. Every small question raised by the young inquisitive soul proved to be a great source of learning for me and I became a better version of myself.

My school taught me the art of leadership and of performing tasks perfectly. Participating in extracurricular activities conducted in the school gave me the confidence to conduct the workshop successfully. I would like to thank my teachers for my holistic development. Special thanks to my Dance Teachers. I would like to deeply thank my family for believing in me.

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