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CTL Workshop By Ms Sushma Raturi

CTL Workshop By Ms Sushma Raturi

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An engaging CTL workshop was held on 13th and 15th February, 2019 during school hours for teachers of Primary and Middle School respectively. The thought provoking sessions were conducted by our well-equipped facilitator, Ms Sushma Raturi. She began with a group discussion on values we have to inculcate in our students and strengths we have as mentors,which we can pass on to them

She went on to tell us about the precious ‘me’ time we should give ourselves to rejuvenate and shared lots of examples from the real world, of the people who have made it big in life. She wrapped up each topic with quotes and also compared the scenario of family values, career choices and education,which has changed at a rapid pace.

We took a ‘gallery walk’ and viewed the penned down ideas of our fellow teachers (which are now displayed in the Staff room). We further moved on to the dos and don’ts of education in 21st Century and reflected on the rapid change we are undergoing as educators and how to update ourselves and be tech savvy. The need of the hour was spelt out loud and clear -‘ Think, act and feel Global ‘.

We were reminded to read the teachers Bible – NCF and to weave our School Vision into our curriculum.

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