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Comfest 2022

Comfest 2022

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Day 0 of Comfest ’22 started off with participants who had come from different schools across the country to join this 4-day student-organized extravaganza, gathering around the stage that had been set up for the mega-event, CF Tank. All participating teams with a buzz of excitement and dash of vigor stood ready to perform in their carefully crafted props and costumes in front of the entire JCC panel. With products ranging from used masks to dated calendars, the participants took the challenge to their hearts and left the entire panel awe-stuck with their pitches. These amazing performances were followed by a formal inaugural evening, which was graced by the honorable presence of Brig.

Nanda Kumar K., a proud recipient of Shaurya Chakra, as a Chief Guest. The brilliant performance by Zaeden left the audience wonderstruck; and so ended day zero of Comfest, with an exhilarated crowd swaying to beats and echoes bound to leave lasting impressions on everyone’s mind.

Day 1 of Comfest witnessed the gracious presence of Sri Satish Mahana ji, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh and he formally inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. This subsequently was followed by four uniquely diverse events ranging from literary to technical, running simultaneously in the school premises full of elated participants in anticipation of these, and ten other events that would keep them on their toes throughout the day. A little after noon, Invert Oxford- a turncoat debate, tested participants’ skill to deduce, reason, and finally articulate their thoughts on space exploration and whether it is a temporal and monetary squander or not. Participants expertly expressed their opinions on the matter in front of their judges who were left highly impressed by their presentations. A most awaited event of Comfest ’22, ‘Did You Just Phrase That’ began in the late afternoon. Participants had been looking forward to this stand-up comedy event a long way before it began, and this event that was organized for the first time ever at Comfest, was such a success that it not only fulfilled but greatly exceeded all expectations, leaving the JCC panel and all spectators flabbergasted by the participants’ exceptionally witty and hilarious pieces.

Day 2 of Comfest ’22 began with a plethora of events which assessed the technical and literary skills of the enthusiastic participants. It marked the commencement of the 24-hour virtual hackathon in which the budding coders developed a computer program on mental health and its importance. A little while after, Junks the Punk, a treasure hunt based on the classic drama, Game of Thrones, explored the participants’ ability to decode mysterious clues which explained the map that would lead them to the final location of this scavenger hunt. Each school exhibited commendable agility and fervor, and the way they were able to unravel these complex riddles left us all wonderstruck. The evening started off with one of the signature events of Comfest, Jam on Ham which put to test the participants’ oratory skills and articulation of their thoughts on random objects and entities along with activating their presence of mind. The spectators were left open-mouthed as they witnessed this rapid-fire event. The day ended with a marvelous performance by the JCC Band. The hall reverberated with the brilliance of the singers and instrumentalists who performed. The walls echoed with drum beats and harmonious notes that made this evening a memorable and mesmerizing one.

Day 3, the last day of Comfest ’22 started with the same zeal that kept everyone working hard since the very first day. Twelve events were scheduled for this day, 5 of which were the final rounds of previously conducted competitions. ‘Twist a Tale’, a story writing competition appealed to the creativity and literary prowess of the participating teams. Mastery in coordination, teamwork and impromptu story building were essential skills that were demonstrated by the participants and left the judges with wonderful stories not only to assess, but also adore.

The most awaited event of this day- Gambit, commenced at noon. This event required participants to think and analyze the smallest of their steps and decisions in an ever-changing fictive world, by choosing real-world professions keeping in mind the crises and altering situations that were introduced by the JCC members throughout the duration of this grandly conducted and admired event. Finally, in the evening, the closing ceremony took place and various winners across the wide array of events and competitions that were organized in this marvelous four-day period were awarded by our Principal, Mrs. Shikha Banerjee along with our Vice Principal (Senior school) Mr. Shadeep Adhikari, Vice Principal (Junior school), Mrs. Madhushree Bhaumik and Headmaster Mr. Mahesh Mishra. The end of this ceremony saw speeches by the JCC members that quite literally moved the audience as well as their fellow workmates to tears. And thus ended the magnificent affair of Comfest 2022, with experiences unparalleled and memories unforgettable.

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