This year, the Jaipuria Computer Club (JCC) celebrates the 15th anniversary of their annual Techno-Cultural festival, COMFEST which will be held from 15th to 18th of October. With elements of literary and art, the event is one of the most awaited school festivals. This year, the JCC has taken Comfest to the next level with new and unique events, intensified level of competition and an Entertainment Evening featuring the top performers of the country. The students studying in class 10th have also introduced an android application titled ‘Comfest15’, and have modified the logo of the same. The website designed by the JCC has the following URL:

With more than 50 teams from all over the country and from abroad eager to showcase their skills and talent, Comfest 15 holds the position of being the Biggest Student Organized Event in India as everything from financing to the technical aspects, is managed by the members of the JCC. The JCC core team comprising 28 members is led by the President Sachin Bhargava. The unstinting support and encouragement of our Chairman, Mr. Shishir Jaipuria, Principal, Dr. Sundar Kumar Gandikota and the Computer HOD Mr. Manish Sekseria has enabled JCC to evolve over the years and help Comfest become its grandest version till date.

Day 0:

The first day of this four day extravaganza starts off with a one of its kind event ‘CF talkies’ in which the participants will be recreating the biggest Bollywood Blockbusters adorned with their imagination and creativity. The mega event will be a four hour affair where the teams will get an opportunity to interact with each other and familiarize with the fest.

CF talkies will be followed by the much anticipated and awaited Entertainment Evening, where the Guest of Honour will be Mr. Arun Pathak, who is the M.L.C Kanpur Unnao District. The Entertainment Evening will have the nationally acclaimed band,’SpuNK’ which is rated as one of the best Indie rock band. With over 100 high octane power packed gigs across the country under their belt, this band is the ultimate definition of ‘Desi’ Bollywood Rock Music. This act will surely be setting the atmosphere just right to usher into the next three days with enthusiasm at its peak and lift the spirits of the participants after the day’s hard work.

Day 1:

Day one of Comfest 15 will start with the festival’s opening ceremony, which will begin with a welcome speech by Sachin Bhargava, President of the JCC.

The Mayor of Kanpur, Drona, Capt.(Retd.) Jagtvir Singh has obliged to preside over the ceremony. He was born in Rajugela, Dist. Mathura. He is a Bachelor in Physical Education from the Laxmibai National College of Physical Education, Gwalior. In the year 1990 he was elected as the President of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Dist. Kanpur.

Day 1 will mark the beginning of all the competitive events from ‘Tech Talk’ to ‘IT Quest’ and the ‘Season Begins’. It will also feature a display of “Flamethrower”, a Robot made by the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School during Robowars, an event where teams create robots to fight against each other. The host school has prepared two arenas for the robo race and the robo fight respectively which features many obstructions like slops, ramps, choppers etc. The event ‘Graffiti’ will also take place this day, which will feature one of the largest Graffiti in the nation. The main highlight of the day will be an interactive session with Ankit Fadia, the most celebrated ethical Hacker in India. He has authored a number of books on ethical hacking and cyber security including “50 Ways To Improve Your Professional life” & “The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking.” The tiring day will end with an electrifying performance from the school band, ‘Random Theory’ and a camp night for the JCC members and the outstation teams.

Day 2:

Day two of Comfest 15 will be privileged with the presence of the Guest of Honor, Mr. T Adhikari, SDM, LIC Kanpur division. The day will have a number of competition taking place beginning with ‘Junk’s the Punk’ , the treasure hunt where all the teams will be required to find and solve clues to qualify to the next level, where they will be required to make a model from Junk material. ‘Tech Talk’, ‘Tee Splash’, ‘The Season Begins’ and ‘Wiz Pro’ are some of the other events which will take place on this day.

The day will also feature the crowd pleaser ‘JAM on HAM’ an extempore competition which will be witnessed by all present as participants try to speak on a random topic for half a minute in the preliminary round and for one minute in the final round. The day will see amazing events like ‘Lost in Rendition’, ‘Picsel’, Pencil Brains and many more that will challenge the participants in the spheres of Photography, Creativity and Literature. The day will end with an entertainment program featuring the school rock band, ’Intensity’ that will elevate the atmosphere as the participants will prepare for what day 3 has in store for them.

Day 3:

Day three the final day of Comfest 15 will start with the finals of ‘IT Quest’ which will be hosted by one of the most famous quiz masters of India, Mr. Ajay Poonia. Following this will be the finals for ‘Tech Talk’ where the final two teams will battle it out in a heated debating session where one will emerge victorious. The finals of ’The Season Begins’ will also take place where one participant will be declared as the best gamer of Comfest 15.

These events will be followed by the final leg of the entire festival, the closing ceremony of which will be presided over by Hon. Mr. Justice Arun Tandon, member of administrative comm., he is one of the judges of the Allahabad High Court. He will be presenting the prizes of the winning teams. In the end, the JCC members will be felicitated for putting up a great show.