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CHILD SAFETY – Good Touch and Bad Touch

CHILD SAFETY – Good Touch and Bad Touch

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Date:- 28th February 2022
Time :- 8:00 am- 9:00 am
Location:- Junior School Assembly Hall
Classes:- I, II, AND III
Speaker:- Ms. Madhushree Bhaumik  ( Life Coach)
Vice Principal ( Junior School)

On 28th February 2022, a Care Call was initiated and organized by our Vice-Principal (Jr.School), Ms. Madhushree Bhaumik, who is also a life coach. The topic was Good Touch and Bad Touch. The event took place in Junior School Assembly Hall. The attendees were the students of Classes I, II, and III.

Ma’am started the event by explaining General Expressions of Good Touch like a hug or a handshake. Children were able to understand the difference between a Good Touch and a Bad Touch. Ma’am also explained in detail that it is not only little girls but also little boys who need to be careful. She explained and asked the children to YELL AND TELL   if they have such encounters.

Children were taught The Swim Suit Rule. They understood that no one other than immediate family should be allowed to touch their body parts which are covered by their inner garments.

Children also shared their experiences and knowledge on the topic. They learnt to say ‘NO’ and were asked to reach out to their parents if they were not comfortable about something.

Overall, it was a well-organized and interactive session. Parents and children appreciated the efforts put in by the organization.

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