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ATL Community Day – A Step Towards Innovation

ATL Community Day – A Step Towards Innovation

ATL Community Day was celebrated in Atal Tinkering Lab of our school on 15th April, 2019 to extend the frontiers of learning and knowledge beyond our school. Staying true to the philosophy and ideologies of Shri B. R. Ambedkar, we invited the students of other (Non-ATL) schools to participate in this journey of innovation.

It was open for the neighbouring schools so that every child could experience the skills and techniques intrinsic to innovation.

  • 50 students from four schools collaborated to create innovative solutions.
  • The participating schools were:
    • Sir Padampat Singhania Public School
    • Board School, Golaghat
    • Board School, Muir Road
    • Saraswati Balika Vidyalaya, Defence Colony
  • Student mentors from our school
    • Amogh Saxena- VII
    • Kuresh Agarwal- VII
    • Vishwam Tiwari- VIII
    • Tanay Pandey – VIII




In a 3 day event organized by NITI Aayog, in collaboration with DST and Intel, 50 teams from all over India participated with their ideas and prototypes offering innovative solutions to community problems.

2 teams from our school were selected with their projects among top 50 at the National level to represent our ATL.

Team-1: Anshuman Nigam & Bharat Jain of Class IX -Agriculture Data Collecting Bot

Team-2: 1 Aryaman Mehrotra & Vaibhav Agarwal of class XI- Hydroponics with Remote Sensing.

At the final screening, the project prepared by Anshuman Nigam & Bharat Jain, a censor based soil-testing robot to advise the Indian farmers about their crops and thus help them uplift economically was awarded as one of the top ten projects at the National level.

In this 3 day festival besides participating in the showcasing of top 50 Projects at National level, our students also got the opportunity to attend workshops by international mentors and witness IRIS-National Science Fair 2018.




Atal Innovation Mission organized UNICEF-ATL Hackathon, where students from all over India presented their innovative ideas. Out of fifty Ideas selected throughout the country, two were from our school. Teams (Aryaman Mehrotra-11A, Vaibhav Agrawal-11A, Anshuman Nigam-9A, Bharat Jain-9A) will showcase their ideas at the National platform in Manekshaw Center, New Delhi from 2nd December to 4th December, 2018.









Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur (A.T.L.)


Rapid Prototyping Camp (RPC) – ATL

Rapid Prototyping Camp (RPC) – ATL

As a endeavour to provide an insight to the functioning of Atal Tinkering Lab (an initiative by Niti Aayog), a three day Rapid Prototyping  Camp (RPC), was conducted at Manav Bharti International School, Dehradun from 3-5th October, 2018.

Mrs. Monica Dhingra (Teacher) accompanied by Vaibhav Agarwal and Aryaman Malhotra (students) took part in the program. It was a rigorous training camp to enrich teachers and mentors so that they can train and develop young minds towards innovation.

During the program the participants were engaged in activities based on Design Thinking, Enabling Tinkering Environment and Robotics. The students were encouraged to become innovators and solution providers.

















Our school celebrated ATL Summer Tinkering Festival on 27th and 28th July, 2018 as a part of the movement of Innovation across the nation. This time the blending of Entrepreneurship with Creativity and Innovation made it more interesting and enriching for the students of our school and others invited from neighboring non-ATL schools.  Read More….


Besides models like Line – Following Car, Security Panel, Obstacle Avoiding Robots, Operating Servo Motor using Joystick, Radar and Model of 4x4x4 LED Cube, the students also prepared Automatic Plant Watering system based on Pre-event Ideation before the summer vacation.

Hands-on experience for non-ATL school students, “Know your ATL” and the enriching session on Ideation and Entrepreneurship by Dr Sandeep Patil, an IIT Kanpur Alumnus and successful entrepreneur (Director, E-Spin Nanotech Pvt. Ltd) were the main attractions for all.


Please Click for Download ATL May Report





ATAL Tinkering Lab – Two day workshop “basic electronics and robotics”


A two day workshop for non ATL schools and underprivileged students was organised by ATAL Tinkering laboratory of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on 24th and 25th May, 2018. The topic for the workshop was ‘Basic Electronics and Robotics’.  95 students from five different schools participated in the workshop.

On the first day the students were told about the basic purpose of the ATL lab.They were also informed about the basic components required for the making of electronic circuits. Students were explained how components are connected in series and parallel. They had hands on experience of connecting LED in series and parallel using Broadboard. Participants also made a vibrating bug using ice-cream sticks, paper cup and vibrating motor. Students were introduced to the basic principles of Robotics and various types of robots that have been made all over the world.

On the second day, the students were told about the components that are required for making a basic DPDT car. Students prepared the car from the scratch; from drilling holes in the chassis to fixing motors and aligning the wheels and electrical circuits. After the task was over all the models were put to test in a competition. Students were very excited to see the cars prepared by them taking to racing tracks.They cheered for their cars and the winners were awarded.

The most striking feature of the workshop was that it was completely mentored by a group of students from classes VIl ,VIIIand IX.



Visit Prof H.C.Verma IITK


Prof. H. C. Verma, one of the most distinguished authors of Physics in India, true experimentalist and researcher from department of Physics IIT Kanpur, pedagogical Guru for all JEE aspirants, known for his contribution to make Physics easy and interesting…visited our Atal Tinkering Lab on 25th November 2017. For our students, the mesmerizing interaction with Prof. Verma was like a dream coming true. He outlined the significance of experimenting for understanding the concepts of science.

Presentation for Innovation Challenge at NITI Aayog


Our students Ms Sonal Kanodia and Master Abhay Agarwal and faculty members Dr(Mrs) A.Dwivedi, Mr M.U.Siddiqui and Mrs Rashmi Srivastava participated in Atal Innovation Challenge at New Delhi on 5th Nov,2016.Our presentation on Peizo-electricity was appreciated by the judges.

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