Campus Overview

A scientific temperament is nurtured through a fully equipped and suitably designed chemistry laboratory. It is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific experiments are performed. It contains two rooms and a big hall; hall is used as the main laboratory. It contains four platforms, constructed in the most up to date manner with an overhead gaslines, waterlines and a fume hood to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapours and dust.

Nearly 24 students can perform their practical at a time in laboratory. One of the rooms is used as a store to keep all the chemicals and glassware, while the other room is used as learning resource centre. This room has books and other material for effective teaching learning activities in time with the demands of curriculum and the needs of the students.

Knowing Physics is not the same as understanding Physics and understanding comes by doing. In Physics lab students prove theory by doing experiments and connect them with real world application. Ample of standard working models and Physics utility bags are kept in the lab to facilitate teachers to convey concepts through demonstration, which reinforce memory retention. We have an inbuilt library comprising of enriching physics books and e-resources to guide and motivate teachers for better teaching. The Lab is fully air conditioned with proper audio visual aids and well installed smart board system which helps in a channelized and interactive teaching learning process. Faculty room attached to the Lab gives teachers a platform for discussions and interactions among themselves to deliver better teaching methods with the help of Computer and other peripherals .

Biology lab is well equipped with best of the facilities not only for conducting practicals but also running theory classes and group discussions. Lab is fully air conditioned with proper audio visual aids and well installed smart board system which helps a lot in delivering effective lectures aiding in students interaction. It has the capacity to accommodate 40 students.

It provides all sorts of quality glass wares, microscopes (compound & dissection), hot plate, incubator, specimens, charts, 3-D models etc., enriched with a small resource library where interesting books on wild life, nature and complex topics like biochemistry, molecular biology are available. Teachers and students may enjoy these in their free time. Attached to the lab is an inbuilt small air conditioned faculty room where the faculty members sit and interact. A computer with internet facility of the faculty room is of great help for teachers to do a lot of work on the computer related with the subject search, videos, text downloads, report preparation etc.

The senior Computer lab has 100 computers which cater to students to practice and learn the technology without any hindrance. The lab is well-equipped with updated softwares, internet access, printer, scanner, projector and professional support. We have personnel on duty to assist with computer hardware and software issues and questions. All the computers in the lab are in network and arranged in rows and so that every student has a similar view of one end of the room to facilitate lecturing or presentations.

Besides, computer lab is also used for conducting training programs, workshops and seminars for staff and faculty.

In the age of IT, computer has become a necessity. To cater this need to our pre-primary and primary students the school has a well-equipped, well-furnished and fully air conditioned Junior computer lab. The lab consists of 25 computers.

The Music Center consists of a big hall and four rooms for the respective classes. Each room has a soothing atmosphere with proper air conditioning.
Having talented/trained teachers in their respective genres, students learn playing musical instruments like Drums, Congo, Guitar, Tabla, Mandolin, Violin and Keyboard along with the vocal music classes.

Seth AnandramJaipuria School boasts of a state of art, labs for pursuing Art and Craft as a subject.

The Art and Craft room caters to around hundred students at a time and classes are conducted round the timetable for classes 1- 12.

Students are taught the nuances of art and craft from the scratch. Art styles like sculpture, batik, clay modeling, block printing, oil painting etc are taught to the students.

The school annual exhibition portrays the student’s work, which is much appreciated by one and all.

Our school maintains a well-furnished computerized library and reading room. Newspapers and magazines are provided in addition to a wide range of books which also include story books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Books on General Knowledge and Year Books. It is also updated with digital material.

Library is fully Air Conditioned giving a soothing environment to concentrate on work with an assistance provided by experienced Librarians.

Timely up gradation of study material is a part of our system in library.

The mission of ‘Green Path for Better Health and Life’ opted by Jaipuria Management is the driving force behind the concept of setting a herbal garden enriched with medicinal plants. The support and guidelines from Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Lucknow and Forest Research Institute, Kanpur had been instrumental in bringing this dream come true.

Aromatic and medicinal plants are recently emerging not only as a natural source of new drugs and valuable compounds but also as the green bio resource convertible into wealth and hence, offering a viable business option. Medicinal plants have been a major source of therapeutic agents for aleiviation or cure of human diseases since time immemorial. These are extensively utilize throughout the world in two distinct areas of health management that is Traditional system and modern system of medicines.

To meet the phenomenal increase in the demand of herbal drugs the concerned medicinal plants have been indiscriminately over exploited, leading to rarity or endangerment of many valuable plant species. To stimulate a sense of responsibility for care and conservation of these plants our Biology and Environmental Science department has taken an initiative to introduce Jaipuria family (including students , staff and visitors) to these plants in school campus.

We have planted about thirty varieties of medicinal plants in a small nursery at the rear end of the school campus. Each plant has a placcard detailing its common and Biological name along with its medicinal value. We have Ajowain, Sarpgandha, Ashwagandha, varieties of Basil, Isabgol, Mandukparni, Aparajita, Amritdhara, Dumbel, Hadjod, Brahmi, Cardamom, Vuch, Turmeric, Garlic, milk thistle , Asparagus, Bryophyllum, Touch me not and many more in our garden.

If you want to have a detailed information you are welcome to this school corner of aesthetic value. Sitting, observing and thinking about the Nature’s wonderful wealth under the “Thinkers Hut” is indeed a pleasure.

Yes, indeed our school understands the importance of each of the above mentioned words, therefore besides training the students to perfection in academics, students are offered a variety of sports to play, which include:-

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Volley ball
  • Basket ball
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Lawn tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Athletics

All these variety of indoor and outdoor games are played within the school campus, as all necessary infrastructure including – 3 huge fields, 3 basketball courts, a lawn tennis court, a badminton court, a complete boxing arena as well as table tennis tables have been provided to the students, so that they may utilize these to keep themselves fit and energetic throughout the day. A part from the excellent infrastructure, the school also provides all sorts of sports equipment needed to play the different sports thus relieving the students of an added responsibility of carrying that heavy equipment to school.

Not only do the children have fun, they also use their bodies in healthy ways. In fact, they physically rejuvenate themselves. Our swing field consists of various kinds of swings, slide, and climbers and is well spaced to accommodate an entire class.

When the weather turns hot, it is hard to stay cool. With summer temperatures soaring high, and oppressive humidity levels, cooling off is a necessity. Our splash pool is a great place to get some relief from the heat.Water play activities in younger children can improve motor skills thus increasing their chances of being more physically active in later life. 

The school maintains a well-equipped dispensary under the care of trained nurse and a part time Medical Officer. Infirmary renders quick and effective First Aid in case of emergency.

Seth AnandramJaipuria School flaunts an inviting Reception that extends a positive ambiance to all the visitors.
Hospitable and efficient staff is available throughout the school office hours and are happy to help, with a smile.
The visitors are made comfortable in the waiting area and their queries are quelled in the most efficient manner possible.

Our school owns a canteen which operates during the school hours and provides nourishing and delicious eatables at moderate rates. It well manages the rush time (break time).
The canteen also plays an important role within the broader school environment – that of reinforcing behaviors about healthy eating and lifestyle. Food provided at school canteen has a considerable influence on the development of children’s eating habits, thus quality and choice of food is well taken care of.