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AI & Gen Alpha….our FUTURE

AI & Gen Alpha….our FUTURE

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is empowering the future and significantly impacting the day-to-day life of adults as well as children. We are getting accustomed to AI and our children will be highly dependent on it. Our children are already exposed to artificial intelligence in their everyday life, and gaining an early education in this field can only benefit them further in their growth.

Raising a child in the 21st century is complex, but never before have we had the technological resources that we have today. When a parent or guardian is occupied, virtual assistants or chatbots at home can become a vital lifeline. Whether we are using facial recognition to unlock our phones, booking a cab on Rideshare Apps(Ola/Uber), using digital music, podcast, and video service, or getting suggestions on social media, we are using AI-enabled technology without even realizing it.

Examination /Grading/ and evaluation have always been an important arena in the Indian education system. India’s new National Education Policy 2020 does mention the importance of emerging technologies and has introduced them to children. Using AI, the education system will have a  common control system throughout the nation i.e. comparison of student’s results in various parts of the nation will be a task of minutes.  Rectification steps can be planned and implemented in the individual area based on the results. The motive will be to impart quality education to all and maintain equality in education throughout the nation.NEP 2020 also talks about the use of AI, right from registration to result making, a child’s entire data will be filled, maintained, and analyzed with feedback generated automatically.

From the traditional teaching-learning process, the shift has taken place to Online and Hybrid modes of teaching. Now teaching is student-centric. Strategic Pedagogies, Apps (Web and mobile) assessments tools are designed and customized using AI to give personalized analysis. Designing content according to the child’s interests, and creating Data in multilingual and multimodal forms like  – Text, Audio, video, animations, and games is focused on AI techniques. A child can study at his own pace and comfort zone. Isn’t this amazing??

AI-based learning tools have been shown to improve children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and they can be useful for kids with learning disabilities. Different tools are developed to improve reading and vocabulary skills for students. In form of gamification using AI many educational setups have come, which makes academics interesting and outcome-based,

AI enables us to connect to loved ones, near and far. But here,I advice that vigilance is required so that children are not connected with fake netizens. We, elders, need to check that children are utilizing AI in creative and having constructive collaboration across the globe for their growth and in turn for the country and world.

Students today are growing up in a world surrounded by AI. By better understanding how algorithms are created and how they influence society, they could become more critical consumers and makers of such technology. Educating your child in AI technology may seem cumbersome, but it is essential for their future. 

Children are precious, always take care of their emotional needs, spend quality time and involve them in physical activities which are very important for the holistic development of a child.

So I strongly believe that our children should also be educated about AI and encouraged to participate in its development.

Monica Dhingra

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