Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Change in School Calendar Classes I to XII
Examination / Event / PTM Dates
Investiture Ceremony 21st April 2018
SAJMUN 28th to 29th April 2018
Summer Fest 25th May 2018
PTM 26th May 2018
P.O. I Exams 10th to 21st July 2018
PTM 4th August 2018
Independence Day And Varsha Mangal 15th August 2018
Teachers’ Day 5th September 2018
Half Yearly Exams 10th to 21st September 2018
PTM 6th October 2018
Grand Parents’ Day 13th October 2018
COMFEST 25th to 28th October 2018
Children’s Day 14th November 2018
Founders’ Day 20th November 2018
School Camp (Nur – Prep) 29th November 2018
School Camp (Class I – II) 30th November 2018
P.O. II Exams / Prelims -1 6th to 8th December 2018
PTM 29th December 2018
Prelims – 2 15th to 25th January 2019
Republic Day And Sports Day 26th January 2019
Pre- Primary Sports Day 2nd February 2019
Vasant Panchmi 10th February 2019
Final Exams (IX & XI) 12th to 22nd February 2019
Final Exams (I – VIII) 5th to 16th March 2019
School Camp (III – V) 25th March 2019
School Camp (VI – VIII) 26th March 2019
Last Assembly 27th March 2019