‘Step by step, I build my pace… leaping… galloping… To win the race ’

The school’s academic levels are aptly divided into various curriculum layouts, which are well defined towards a complete and systematic growth of the student.

Pre Primary (Nursery – Prep classes)

To enhance the motor skills, improve eye-hand co-ordination, hone communication skills and develop the social quotient of the child is the aim of the Pre-Primary Section of the school. The play way method of teaching make learning a whole new and interesting experience.

Primary level (I to V)

This is the first step to Formal Education. New ideas and practices are introduced to the student through a comfortable blend of academic and co-curricular activities. Sport Activities also help in the holistic development.

Middle School (Class VI to VII)

A step forward from the Primary level, the Middle school targets at higher academic orientation. The gradual, but serious emphasis towards formal education aids the student to select specific stream for future education. The various competitions and examinations taken by them make them ready to accept the challenges of life.

Secondary School (Class IX & X)

A well defined curriculum from the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination is used as guidelines to aid the student to put a step into the future career arena with equal emphasis on co-curricular activities and sports.

The aim is to chisel out, a personality that is able to face the challenges of the ever changing world.

Secondary School (Class XI & XII)

A highly qualified, competent and focused staff and strategic regulations, promote and enhance academic brilliance, which has led students to national and international educational participation in and after school life.