Why do we adults fall into the trap of overprotecting the children from short term struggle and under preparing them to cope with life’s long term challenges???

Intellectually we all know that over parenting undermines a child’s initiative and sends him or her off into the world unprepared to make independent choices and own the consequences of these choices, both positive and negative. Yet it seems so difficult to translate that knowledge into practice.

Parenting is a tricky concept since the nature of parenting is ever changing. Active parents, i.e. raising a minor child ever so gradually, should ideally migrate from protecting children to preparing children. We neither can straighten the bumps on their roads nor can we control their obstacles, setbacks, road blocks or any other unfavorable conditions that punctuate the journey. So the real job of active parenting is to work on ourselves out of this job so that we protect them just enough to help them prepare themselves and not vice versa.

Let us begin by taking a few Elementary Steps:

  • If it is a choice between your work and your time with the child, it should be your time with the child that should get priority. Please remember that your work will always be there, your children will not.
  • Model the characteristics you wish your children to acquire. Set an example for the child to follow.
  • Don’t compare your child with others. Each child is unique and your child is God’s precious gift to you. Cherish his/her presence.
  • Identify the attributes of your child and be liberal in your appraisal. It can be a great morale booster.
  • An unsaid message that needs to go across to them is that your love is unconditional. You love them in spite of their mistakes.
  • Set boundaries for your children and stay consistent. They will try to expand the limitations but your firmness will augment their respect for you.
  • Identify the child’s areas of interest and participate in enhancing the arena.
  • Never cover a negative act or situation with false praise just to make the child feel comfortable. They will start having doubts about your integrity.
  • Give your 100% attention when you are with the child. It will help you understand even the words and actions unsaid or undone.
  • Learn with them, learn from them and never forget to acknowledge their contribution in this learning process.
  • Love is not the same as indulgence. Strike a firm balance and don’t confuse between the two.

Parenting is a continuous process of self exploration, patience and effort. But if done properly it is gratifying and enjoyable. Soon these growing years will be over and as you see a young adult marching ahead in life, you will long for these years to come back when your child took away all your time to make you laugh, cry, shout, worry, dream, apprehend and “your days were long” but ultimately you realize that “the years were short”

To be in your children’s memory tomorrow
You have to be in their lives today.


Principal’s Message

We are living in the 21st century and the role of education has radically changed over the years. The scope and focus of education has evolved and so has the role of an educator. While it may seem apparent that the role of an educator has been relegated to the sidelines, contrary to popular perception, it has become even more crucial as a voice of reason and objectivity in this fast changing socio-economic landscape.As Moore’s law hypothesis, while technology and its paraphernalia will keep evolving and maturing every 18 odd months, the wisdomand perspective that an educator brings to the table will continue to strengthen over time, baking and growing with each passing day. Today the schools need to be effective at engaging learners towards meaningful construction of knowledge and encourage them through appropriate integration of technology to apply learning into action and relevant outcome. While technology would do its bit, teachers as facilitators add the desired human touch and provide opportunities to the students to develop critical thinking skills and engender values that help them become responsible learners.

I marvel how wisely my predecessors for more than the last four decades worked to give the right momentum to this great institution. Since its inception, the school has been able to build on the steady foundation of good values and the urge to excel. The endeavor has always been to balance excellence in academics with creativity and compassion. The objective of education has metamorphosed with the passage of time and the need of the globe. At Jaipuria we prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability, hence becomes his own competitor and thus keeps improving and rediscovering himself. It is the transformation of a school into an educational powerhouse that induces strength within each student to stand on his own. It becomes a source of light that illuminates the mind and soul of the students and spreads the fire of excellence and the warmth of compassion to the darkest crevices of humanity.