The dreams of Seth Anandram Jaipuria took concrete shape and became a reality when the foundation was laid by our Late Prime Minister Smat.Indira Gandhi on 13th September, 1966.The school became fully operational with the inauguration by our Late President Dr.Fakhuruddin Ali Ahmad on 26thOctober, 1974.

The school’s aim was to help the students to group up us balanced human beings by developing healthy habits through constant care and acquire sporting temperament, growing equally in body mind and spirit by imparting quality education for all the round development for their personality.

Keeping the above principles and aims in mind the school work was divided under these headings:

  • Academics
  • Creative activities
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Physical activities
  • Extra training in responsible behavior.

Starting from a small group of 400 students, the school now has more than 2855 students 93 full time teaching staff. In the last 36 years the school has made great progress in all fields yet these remains much that needs to be achieved and attained.