Best School in KanpurMrs. Madhushree Bhaumik

‘HARMONY’, The essence of life.

Asia’s first Nobel Laureate Tagore said,
“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” So appropriate for today’s world.

Our education system has become mechanical and monotonous these days. It has become a chronicle of facts and dates, the child is robbed of his desire to learn. We are not able to attract his attention towards the sea of knowledge, which is before him leading to disharmony and unrest.

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember

I do and I understand”

We at Jaipuria School truly believe in this proverb and are privileged to have a platform where we are engaging the children by motivating and understanding them. We believe that a superior education begins with a strong foundation. Reading is the key to learning throughout our entire lives.

We are here as facilitators helping the young minds to nurture under our able guidance. The teachers here provide adequate facilities for the holistic development of a child, with a sharing and a caring attitude. This creates a harmony between the students as well as teachers.

We believe that an early, strong foundation is the key to unleashing the creativity and ingenuity of the maturing student. Our writing-intensive curriculum promotes critical thinking and allows students to achieve success in any field. These crucial skills form the basis of all learning; it is imperative that students recognize this gift of learning as an expression of God’s love and His creation, and that to fall in love with learning is to fall in love with the very Creator of the Universe, Himself.