Best School in KanpurMahesh Kumar Misra

On behalf of the entire community, welcome to the Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. I hope that the information on this website will provide you with a brief overview of who we are and what we believe is important in educating young boys and girls.

“My goal of education is to create men who are capable of experimenting and exploring new, modern and updated fields and not simply repeating what other generations have done”.

At Jaipuria School, we look at holistic development of our students. We believe that each student has got his own identity and individuality – some inherent qualities. Our motto and sole purpose is to explore and nurture these qualities to bring out the best in him.

A school is judged by many measures and we are proud to be judged by the achievements of our students long after they have graduated. For years, Jaipuria has been stressing at the fundamental elements of a traditional education.

Our goal is to graduate independent learners, whose mastery of basic skills and academic curiosity will serve as the bedrock of a purposeful life. We believe this is one reason why our students traditionally qualify in some of the finest universities in the nation – Jaipuria students not only want to learn, they know how to learn.

Blessed with exceptional facilities, Jaipuria students can realise their potential in the broadest of setting, whether it is in the classroom, on stage, the sports field etc.

We hope you will let us partner with you and share the challenges of our greatest calling in life–raising our children.