Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity

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Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” was taken by Prof. Mukul Jain on 29th December, 2021. The workshop was started at 2:00 PM and ended at 5:30pm. The session started with the basic conceptual discussion on innovation vs. invention, entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship. Next to this, the points that were discussed like risk management in start-up and entrepreneurship culture, funding opportunities available to ventures.  Numerous success stories of successful start-ups from his own institute were discussed by the speaker to motivate the students. Later on, one activity was organized to make the realization of risk-taking capability. In this particular activity, the students were given three different distances to hit the target and the participants through the ball. The session ended with the questions and queries raised by the students. The speaker discussed all the forefronts available for the students. A group of 35 students and six faculty members was present in the session. Dr. Sheetal, IIC president and Dr. Devi Archana coordinated the event. Prof. Sadananda Prusty, Dean Academic Welfare delivered the vote of thanks and wrapped up the session with his concluding remarks.