Virtual Session held on 16th Feb 2022

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad organized a virtual session on “Protopia: New World Order & Emerging Opportunities” on 16th Feb 2022. The session was delivered by Mr. Shiv Shukla, Director, Unacademy.

During the session, he emphasized how to prepare learners to adapt to the skills that are connected to the new-age tech reality and help use the full potential of emerging opportunities due to various disruptions. From Low-end disruptions to New-market disruptions, from healthcare to health-tech, financial services to fintech, education to edtech – the unprecedented and disruptive businesses are moving into the mainstream, gaining more market share while also staying agile and able to outmaneuver the competition.

He also mentioned that Industry 4.0 is past and already entered in Industry 5.0 and metaverse, which are presenting alternate digital realities where people work, play, and socialize.
Overall the session was very informative and faculty members got a deep insight of the future trends, challenges and opportunities students are going to face in the future.